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Monthly Archives: July 2009

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A Beach Shoot, finally!

I cannot believe this is my first beach shoot of the year.  I had a great time, and J you were very adventurous letting me get you wet and sandy in the middle of the shoot.

Always A Pleasure!

Every year I look forward to this shoot.   I always have a great time working with the girls and they are always so willing to do and go where I ask!  It also keeps me on my toes to find new ideas within the same space. And!!! We finally made it to that field.  I can’t believe it, every year we try, but finally!!!  I think the white was perfect for the flowers.

In between rainy days . . .

We juggled this shoot a bit because of all the rain but in the end I think we had the perfect day.

3 Boys . . .

A little bit of everything . . .

We had studio shots, formal dance school shots, outdoor shots and many outfit changes.  I’ve barley begun to look at everything, but I do know it will be tough narrowing down the choices!  D, you were great to work with, I’m glad you asked to come to me.

Same location, completely different outcome . . .

My last two shoots have been in the same spot and I wanted to take extra care to make sure each person had their own look to their shoot – I think it was a success.  So much comes down to the personality and style of the person. It sets the tone for the entire shoot.

Today, and a little ballet

It was a little crazy to be crossing a rocky stream that was higher than usual, but I think it was worth it!

Quebec City

I’d forgotten how much I loved this spot!  I promised I would post a few pictures from my trip, here they are.

She’s All Personality

This senior shoot was all about personality coming through.  The crazier the spot, the more H got into it.  I love that you laid on the train track and didn’t even care about your clothes!

The Public Gardens

It turned out to be such a beautiful day and this little guy seemed to enjoy being outside – if he had his way would have taken a swim in the duck pond!